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One Membership, More Golf

No one knows choice like ClubLink, with more than 50 great courses, beautiful clubhouses, game improvement programs and more – all available with one membership. Golf and life, consistency and success. Your hard work has paid off and it’s time to enjoy your choice. You’ve earned it.

New home club spousal membership with no membership fees

To bridge the somewhat daunting gap between getting introduced to the game and full ClubLink membership, we are introducing a new spousal membership that offers full access to golf at the Home Club, full access to golf at all Academy Courses, dining and practice facility access at all locations and the ability to golf away from the Home Club upon payment of an applicable guest fee. The best news is that there is no membership fee associated with this category. There must be a Principal Member connected to the Home Club Spousal Member and spousal annual dues apply.

New membership fee pricing for all full golf spousal and full golf junior members

We’ve made it more affordable for spouses and juniors seeking the full ClubLink experience to get started. Membership fees for both have been reduced to 50% of the Principal rate.

New membership fee pricing and age range for intermediate members

The age limit has increased for the intermediate category by 10 years from 25 to 35. Full Privilege Intermediate membership fee pricing is now offered at 40% off the Principal rate. With 20 year membership financing and when coupled with our existing graduated annual dues pricing, the cost of carrying a membership has been reduced significantly for Members aged 19-35.

New 10-month option added to annual dues installment plans

With this new option, the first payment is due Nov. 24, 2015 and the last payment is due on Aug. 24, 2016. Members may also choose to select a prepaid system-wide cart plan as part of your overall annual dues for 2016 and roll this fee into any of our payment plans.

Complimentary Family Twilight Membership

Previously only available at our Platinum- and Prestige-level Clubs, Family Twilight benefits are now offered at our Gold-level Clubs as well. Become a full golf Member and your spouse, children and grandchildren (up to age 15) will receive a complimentary Family Twilight membership*. Family Twilight Members enjoy access to golf on the championship course at the Home Club one hour after start of twilight, anytime on all academy courses (excluding The Rattler at RattleSnake Point) and dining privileges at all locations.
*Complimentary family benefits are offered to active, full golf Members only.

Complimentary Junior Membership

Become a full golf Member at a Platinum- or Prestige-level Club and your children or grandchildren, age 10 to 15, will enjoy a complimentary Restricted Junior membership. A Restricted Junior membership provides access to the tee at the Home Club in non-peak times and to all Academy Courses, including the Classic Course at Rolling Hills at any time.

Senior Plus Program

ClubLink Members age 70 and over with at least 10 years of membership receive a 5% reduction on annual dues and food-and-beverage minimums and an additional 5% reduction on both for every year the Member is over 70 to a maximum of 50%.

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The above programs are available at ClubLink Canadian locations.